Choosing the right hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant procedure has undergone major technological advancement. As a result, allow for improved hair coverage, natural hairlines and styles.  There are two different hair transplant procedures that you can choose from:

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) also known as a Strip Harvest procedure
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Both of these surgical hair restoration procedures can provide excellent results. Which method to choose depends on the hair loss. Both methods can provide refined transplanted hairs. Carefully placed for the optimum hair density and hair coverage.


This technique is a popular option for many hair loss sufferers. The FUT hair transplant procedure is an efficient method for graft removal. Often called the strip harvest. FUT can often produce the highest volume of hair grafts.  Compared to other hair transplant techniques. Your surgeon can insert hair where you need it most. Over areas of thinning and hair loss. All in a one-day surgery session. Hair Dr’s specialist surgeon are adept at performing FUT hair transplants. Large sessions between 2500 to 4000 grafts.

Strong hair is taken from the back of the head. Also known as donor hair. The hair is removed in a strip, hence the name. The strip is then carefully divided into multiple follicular units (grafts).  Hair naturally grown in these clusters. Called follicular units. Consisting of one to four hairs per group. These can be carefully transplanted by a skilful surgeon. A state-of-the-art microscope provides the surgeon total vision. As a result, able to complete the insertions and ensure consistency. Along with a aesthetically pleasing finish.

The art of a hair transplant

Hair Transplant Quality

The process starts with a consultation with the surgeon. This is the chance for the individual to discuss their expectations. The surgeon and customer agree on the design and plan. A point when the art takes over from the science.  With the surgeon understanding the principles of symmetry and proportion. The results are natural looking. Also, importantly age-appropriate hairlines. That bring a balance and youthfulness to the appearance.

Even with a finite supply of donor hair. Advanced coverage and hair density can be achieved. An experienced surgeon can create an exceptional hair transplant result. Through meticulous design and planning.

During the procedure the Hair Dr’s surgeon carefully places the grafts. Placed into the tiny recipient sites. The entire procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. As a result, there is no discomfort. Also minimal disruption to everyday life. It is worth noting that with FUT some short hairstyles may show a slight linear scar.  But hair length can be maintained short.


The FUE hair transplant procedure introduced changes to the equipment. Including the tools and expertise. The Hair Dr is constantly keeping ahead on improvements in hair transplants. Priding ourselves on offering a quality service to our customers.

FUE provides a more intense hair transplant treatment. This hair transplant technique has the advantage over FUT. As it does not leave a linear scar. It involves the extraction of individual follicular units. Commonly referred to as grafts. Consequently, the follicular units are removed one by one. From the donor area. Commonly using a handheld device. Like the SAFE System.

The FUE technique can be time consuming. Especially compared to other techniques. Because the surgeons work take much longer. As a result of removing each follicular unit one by one. Once the hair follicles are extracted the surgeon creates the sites for planting. This process is no different to the FUT technique. Technological advances have seen equipment evolve. In what is a relatively new procedure compared to FUT.  The availability of advanced and precise instruments has dramatically increased the popularity of FUE hair transplant surgery.

FUE requires the surgeon to be skilful in delivering great hair transplant treatment. The Hair Dr successfully been provides meticulous planning and care. Consequently ensuring the transplanted follicles are healthy. As well as intact anatomically. Also, distributed for the greatest hair coverage. Using the FUE technique.


How to provide the highest level of care and expertise. A hair transplant surgeon should have fully rounded expertise. For example, in both FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. As a result, you will receive and achieve an objective consultation.  Hair Dr’s surgeon can explain each procedure. Thereafter advise you on which would work best for you. Taking into consideration a number of factors. Such as the cause of hair loss, level of hair loss, and hair characteristics. Also, skin laxity, and what you aim to achieve at the end of your treatment. Basic goals and expectations.

Results can be dependent on your goals. Also the number of procedures needed to achieve your desired results. Using both hair techniques can be considered. For instance FUT candidates can opted FUE later. As well as vica versa. To fill in and create more hair density.


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