Affordable Hair Transplants – Financing Options

One of the biggest barriers when it comes to hair transplants is the cost of the procedure. Because of this for many years hair transplant costs have been high. As a result, something that the average working man couldn’t easily afford. However, at The Hair Dr, we are pleased to offer affordable hair transplants.

We have worked hard to reduce the cost of hair transplants. As a result today they are more affordable than ever. If you’ve previously been put off dealing with your hair loss due to cost. Now, you can be assured that we have a solution to help anyone afford a hair transplant.

For example, affordable hair transplants are now much more available. The cost of carrying out a quality hair transplant can be considerable. Consequently investigating your finance options is important. Hair restoration surgery at The Hair Dr involves a team of highly skilled medical staff and technicians. In fact, there may be over five technicians, nurses and surgeons working on each patient.

So, how do our patients pay for their hair transplants?

Saving for a hair transplant

Some patients of The Hair Dr start their hair restoration journey with medical treatments. While this may not be a permanent solution to hair loss. Although, it can be an excellent first option. It helps to stabilise hair loss and gives patients time to save for a hair transplant if appropriate.  That said, a hair transplant is the only permanent solution to hair loss. However, the cost is often a concern. As a result affordable hair transplants are important.

The Hair Dr Finance Option

Due to the demand, the Hair Dr works closely with Chrysalis. A medical finance company. Offering excellent value finance options. To hair loss sufferers who reside in the UK. As always, finance is subject to status. Finance offers a ready-made, discreet solution for patients. For those who would like to use the option of a personal loan to finance their hair restoration.

Applicants can apply over the phone or online. Alternatively, can opt to meet with our dedicated Chrysalis Relationship Manager. Enquire on site at The Hair Dr.  Chrysalis finance offers loan approval within 3 hours. Although certain applications may take longer. You can work out estimated monthly repayments online at For more information about our finance options please visit click here.

The choice to restore your hair is personal. It’s an elective surgery. Therefore we urge any patient considering a personal loan consider their options. To weigh their up their choices carefully.  Here are some common questions people ask when applying for hair transplant finance.

How much can I borrow?

It’s pretty much up to you. You can borrow between £350 and £50,000. Subject to status. Applicants must be over 21 to apply.

The best way to apply?

There are a few options to suit you. But, complete a simple online credit application. Any questions a staff member can help you. Most applications are approved straight away. Helping you to make the decision easier. You can go ahead immediately to book an appointment for the treatment you want.

How much will I pay?

You will receive a full quotation. We provide you with a quotation. That shows the monthly payment as well as the total interest payable. Spread over the term of the loan. There are no hidden costs and a deposit is not necessary!

Examples of the monthly repayments are shown below:

Treatment cost £1,000 £3,000£5,000
Term of Loan12 Months 24 Months36 Months
Representative APR9.9%9.9% 9.9%
Monthly Repayment£87.68 £137.74 £160.17
Total amount Repayable £1,052.16£3,305.76£5,766.12

How do I make the repayments?

Monthly payments are collected by Direct Debit. Subject the usual guarantee from your bank.

Who is the credit provider?

We work with a reputable companies to bring finance to our patients: Chrysalis Finance Ltd is our credit broker.

Examples of cost for treatments types

Frontal thinning – Prices from £3,000

Forward dense hairline – Prices from £3,000

Crown thinning – Prices from £3,500

General overall thinning – Prices from £4,000

Hair Transplant Finance Information

For more information about hair loss treatments at The Hair Dr and to discuss our financing solution, please contact our team on 0113 4688 530 or


The contents of this page should not be considered as financial advice, it should be taken as general information only.


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