The best forums for hair loss advice

Many who visit the Hair Dr clinic mention researching via hair loss forums. Here are some best hair loss forums out there. However, take careful when searching the internet. For any information including hair loss. Conflicting information is sometimes given. As a result it’s important to cross reference any claims.

Why Use A Hair Loss Forum?

Hair loss is often a sensitive subject. For many men and women. As a result, not something that everyone feels able to discuss. Certainly not openly. The best hair loss forums can provide a valuable support network. Where people can talk anonymously. Communicating with like minded individuals. Hair loss sufferers from around the world.

The best hair loss forums can provide a place where people feel safe to speak openly. Discussing their issues and looking for support. From a mix of individuals. Like minded researchers to hair restoration veterans. To people sharing their recent experiences. Often good and bad. The best hair loss forums are a good place to swap ideas. Debate other people’s experiences. As well as discuss surgery and treatment options. There are many hair loss forums. So, here are a few to look at.

The Hair Loss Revolution Facebook Group

A Facebook group. With several thousand members. Social media is a new form for the forum. Individual´s contribute with questions and answers. They built a community to help others with their hair loss issues.

If you’re interested in forum style but connected to your facebook account. With help and research, you can join this group:

Hair Site

If you are looking for a hair loss forum that has been around a while. Then look at HairSite. It’s the longest-running hair loss and hair restoration platform. Helping men and women.

The site features specialists from all over the world. There is a focus on scientific research, education and effective solutions to hair loss. It offers the latest news on successful hair loss treatments. Also pioneering, and FDA approved products.

The discussion forum is made up of different sections. Consequently it’s easy to find what you want. With the main discussion forum divided into helpful sections. For example, surgical and non–surgical treatments, supplements, cosmetic products and concealers. There is also a dedicated section for women. Exploring the unique options available to female hair loss sufferers. Users can submit questions to the forum.

Go to HairSite

Hair Restoration Social Network

Hair Restoration Social Network is mainly a surgical hair restoration platform. It showcases recommended surgeons from around the world. That sponsor the website. There is a section within the forum reserved for surgeon reviews. Made by past hair transplant patients. It is also possible to schedule a free consultation with a hair restoration physician. As well as listen to recent physician interviews.

Go to Hair Restoration Social Network:

Regrowth is a unisex forum. Providing information about both natural and pharmaceutical hair growth products and treatments.

Leaning towards the realm of science and education. It has a helpful glossary of terms associated with conditions of hair loss. Including hair loss therapies, informative articles on the latest technological advances. Providing a useful guide for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of hair restoration procedures available.

Go to

Women’s Hair Loss Project

As the name indicates, this forum is dedicated to women. for those experiencing problems with hair loss. With an emphasis on creating a strong support network. Their tag line is, ‘Help, hope, and understanding.’

With very easy to navigate sections. Women’s Hair Loss Project provides inspiration and success stories. A safe place for women who are feeling vulnerable with their hair loss condition. Being able to express their daily experiences and challenges.

The forum has a section specifically dedicated to ‘ranting and venting’. As well as links to informative articles. All containing helpful information about causes and treatments. Also a range of other topics such as hairstyling and cosmetic solutions for hair loss.

Go to Women’s Hair Loss Project:

Alopecia World

This site is aimed at creating a positive support network mainly for women. Also, mainly who are living with Alopecia. Members can discuss treatment options, product effectiveness. Also, share their own personal messages, daily challenges and stories.

The forum offers discussion on a diverse range of topics surrounding alopecia. Including the symptoms and potential causes. Challenges faced by sufferers in the areas of relationships and employment.

Users are encouraged to share inspirational photos, videos, and personal blogs. As a result, the forum is dedicated to empowering women. Also to embrace their condition to understand that bald is beautiful.

Go to Alopecia World:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspects of hair loss. Do not hesitate to contact the Hair Dr clinic on 0113 468 8530.


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