Welcome to The Hair Dr; the Yorkshire-based hair loss treatment specialists committed to your best interests.

As an Independent CQC registered hair transplant clinic, our specialist hair transplant surgeons offer the most advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant techniques available.

Our team of UK trained, NHS technicians and surgeons, who are registered with the GMC, are highly skilled in implanting hairs, leaving no visible scarring from the extraction of the hair grafts.

A treatment you can trust

We offer our patients a range of the most advanced and effective hair loss treatment, including the pioneering FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) treatment, Scalp Micropigmentation, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, and Low-Level Laser Treatment.

The treatments are carried out in our discreet, CQC registered health centre (Hamilton Medical Centre, 78 Bradford Road, WF13 2EF).

Why choose The Hair DR?

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We understand that optimal results extend beyond the technical placement of hair grafts. At The Hair Dr, we work with each patient to create a natural hairline individually for you.

By choosing The Hair Dr, you are putting your trust in a team who are true experts in the hair transplant field. Combining aesthetic skills and advanced techniques, we achieve long-lasting, enviable results. We also maintain the very highest standards of procedures, ethics and confidentiality, so rest assured you are in safe hands.

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1000 Grafts
From £2000
2000 Grafts
From £4000
3000 Grafts
From £6000
4000 Grafts
From £8000

We keep our prices low because we cut out the middlemen

The Hair Dr is dedicated to providing our patients with the best quality hair transplants at the most competitive prices. All our surgeons are world class professionals working to the highest standard using state of the art equipment. Each client is given an individual care plan tailored to their needs and requirements. As each case is treated on an individual basis we can only offer a general pricing overview on our website. Please do give us a call at your convenience to schedule a free consultation to help restore your smile and confidence.