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BHFUE – Refined Hair Restoration

BHFUE hair transplant. Body hair expands the donor “hair bank”. Increases the donor resources available to the surgeon and patient. Previously scalp hair was the only donor resource. As a result, body hair has helped many hair loss candidates. Especially previous hair transplant repair patients. To be successful body hair must resemble scalp hair. For example, the hair characterics must blend. The hair curl, colour and coarseness.

Body hair uses the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique. FUE is minimally invasive. Asa result, it leaves only minor signs of hair removal. Consequently can be used on cosmetically visible areas. Such as beard or chest. BHFUE requires advanced surgical skills to perform well. The skilled surgeons at the Hair Dr are highly experienced in BHFUE hair transplant.

How BHFUE Works:

BHFUE is an advanced level of hair transplant. Body hair removal is demanding to perform. Often the areas of the body are very pliable. As a result skin laxity is loose. As a result, graft removal becomes more difficult. Also, medications such as DHT blockers may have a negative impact on body hair. With a potential side effect being thinning and hair loss. Therefore compatibility needs to be established first. Body hair groups are smaller in comparison to scalp hair. Often only growing in 1-2 hair groups.

The hair follicles are cleaned under magnification. Being made ready for placement. This ensures the highest standard of hair growth is achieved. Body hair can also be used to hide unsightly scarring. Old hair transplant scars for example.



The body donor hair is shaved and prepared ready for hair removal.

Local anaesthetic and sedative is administered. Allowing for pain and stress free experience.

Hair Dr surgeons perform body hair removal from the donor.

The hair units are separated into natural groups. Trimmed, cleaned and maintained in a bespoke “holding solution”.

Hair Dr surgeons create the custom-made recipient sites. Slits within the areas of hair loss to be treated.

The technician team place the hair units into the recipient sites.

FUE post-op medications and instructions


Body hair has increased the donor area zones. Improving the potential graft numbers available.

Fast post-operative healing and minimal downtime

Ideal if traditional hair resources have expired or weak.

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Pricing Guide

The Hair Dr is dedicated to providing the best quality advice, care and hair transplants to each of our clients. everyone receives a personalised care plan. Tailored to their needs and requirements. As a result for a personal assessment and quote for your hair restoration we advise an on-line and or personal consultation. Contact us today for more information. BHFUE hair grafts POA










Healing starts immediately. With minimal changes to lifestyle required. Body hair can blend with scalp hair and grow naturally. After initial healing the transplanted hair follicles start to grow. The body hair growth cycle differs to that of scalp hair. Growth rates and hair length can vary. Over a period of 12-18 months the transplanted hair matures. Resulting in permanent and completely natural hair growth.

The Hair Dr uses specialised BHFUE instruments. All hair transplants at the Hair Dr are performed by our surgeons. This includes the BHFUE hair transplant technique. As a result the highest standards are maintained. For example, the use stereo microscopes to protect and preserve the quality of the hair units.


What is BHFUE?

Body Hair expands the donor area. As a result of using hair from the beard, arms, chest and legs. Body hair follicular units average 1-2 hairs. The FUE hair transplant technique removes the hair follicles. A surgical instrument surrounds the hair follicle. The diameter ranges from 0.75 to 1 mm. As a result, safely removing individual hair units.

How long does a hair transplant take?

BHFUE hair transplant are demanding to perform. Takes longer to remove the hair follicles. As a result, fewer grafts are usually removed compared to scalp hair. Body hair is normally a single day procedure.

Is there any scarring from BHFUE?

The Hair Dr is committed to advancing the practice of body hair transplants. The FUe hair transplant technique is minimally invasive. Combined with the Hair Dr surgical expertise. As a result leaving minimal signs of hair removal from the donor. Even on close inspection. The microdots heal and overtime blend with the complexion.

Is the BHFUE procedure painful?

No Hair Dr hair transplant should be painful. A body hair transplant is no different. Only minor discomfort while the local anaesthesia is administered. Thereafter there is no feeling of discomfort.

Will the results be natural?

Any hair transplant result relies on a number of factors to look natural. Consequently, a body hair transplant is no different. An understanding of bone structure and design. The correct use of hair angles and hair distribution. The quality and experience of your surgeon and technical team. The Hair Dr surgeons are CQC registered in England.

What can I expect after Hair Transplant surgery?

Always follow the Clinic instructions. Healing starts immediately. Each person will heal slightly differently. As a result, aftercare is specific to each patient. The first days require the greatest care. For example, sleep in a semi upright position. Avoid touching your hair and scalp. Unsightly scabbing is removed with gentle washing. Normally clean within 10-12 days. The transplant hairs first fall out. Then enter a sleeping phase for two months. The transplanted hair follicles regrow 3-4 months later.

How much does the BHFUE Procedure Cost?

The cost of the procedure is personal. As it depends on your goals from hair restoration. For example the size of the area to treat, your natural hair characteristics and the number of grafts required. Each treatment includes check-ups and post-operative medications. Due to the challenging nature of corrective surgery we have to examine patients in detail before providing a cost estimate. A full assessment will provide a personalised quote for your hair restoration.

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