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Do Biotin Supplements Work? Let’s Find Out!

Do Biotin Supplements Work? Let’s Find Out!. There is so much information on the web today talking about biotin supplements and the benefits they provide, but is it just a marketing strategy? Or does it work? Here at the Hair Dr, we have put some information together which should hopefully put your mind at rest […]

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So why do crusts form after a hair transplant?

So why do crusts form after a hair transplant?. It is usual for scabs to form after treatment so no need to panic. With the right methods the crusts can be removed easily. Now the goal of this article is to help you understand and how to deal with the scabs after a hair transplant. […]

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serums masks shampoo

Lets talk Serums, Hair Masks and Shampoos

Lets talk Serums, Hair Masks and Shampoos. No matter what hair loss treatment you decide to go for, it’s always best to make it clear that the hair will not grow too quickly and it will take some time for you to see any changes between the exciting ‘before’ and ‘after’ hair picture. You will […]

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Lets talk about the different types of Biotin Diets.

Lets talk about the different types of Biotin Diets. Confused at all the types of information on the internet? Many swear it promotes hair growth, but yet others claim that it’s a marketing decoy. Judging from the medical reports, biotin can be an effective treatment for receding hair, only if the hair loss is temporary […]

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hair growth facts

5 Interesting Facts About Hair Growth

Facts about hair growth. Suffering from hair loss or simply interested in biology and hair growth. To this end, this guide will help you achieve a basic understanding. Detailing the mechanics of hair and the hair follicle.  As a result, helping to appreciate the natural hair follicle cycle. Including how hair differs around the body. Basically, […]

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In a recent blog we discussed the psychological impact of hair loss. An article in the Sun on Sunday on the 16th June 2019. Discussed the impact of male hair loss. With the focus on Michael, a client of the Hair Dr clinic.  In the article Michael states ‘I felt so self-conscious I stopped going […]

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The Sun:Two men talk about the true impact of losing their locks

Hair loss is an emotive issue. It can affect men and women alike. The impact of hair loss can be profund for many. “At a friend’s wedding last November, pictures from the stag do were plastered all over the gents’ loos.” Stated a hair loss sufferer and Hair Dr patient on the impact of hair […]

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psychology signs of hair loss


Hair loss has many possible causes. One of these includes genetics. Other are an underactive thyroid and certain medications. As a result of hair loss (alopecia), many men and women suffer from a loss of self-esteem and can even cause depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues. Hair loss psychology is an important aspect to consider […]

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caring for a hair transplant


Here is guidance for care of your hair transplants graft once you have had the treatment with the Hair Dr. Hair transplant care is an important factor in achieving the best result. DAY OF PROCEDURE Hair transplant care starts day of your procedure. After your hair transplant you may wear a baseball cap or similar […]

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preparing for a hair transplant

Prepare for a Hair Transplant

TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR PROCEDURE Helping you to prepare for a hair transplant will make your experience easier. Please call our office to confirm your appointment and verify that we have received your payment If you are taking any blood thinners, please let the doctor/ practice manager know immediately, as they may represent a […]

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