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Hair Dr Patient Testimonials

Excellent venue and very professional staff. The doctor, the team and the place inspire confidence.

The surgeon and carefully chosen technicians were all passionate about the work. They demonstrated great patience and team work doing the extractions and implants. In addition to the surgeon and technician(s), there were support staff to make sure grafts are properly handled and prepared. There were enough allowance for people taking breaks and rests so that nobody feels tired (I think this is important for to ensure good results since the whole procedure takes a long time and needs a lot of concentration). There were admin staff to ensure patient and the surgical team are well fed and watered. Post-operative instructions were very clear. I feel I’ve had the best! I now look forward to my new hair growing in 6 months time.

Chee-Yean Eng, North Hykeham, Lincoln

From arrival to departure, the surgeon and his experienced staff at The Hair Dr were so welcoming and professional. And the follow up by either a telephone call or visiting the clinic shows how much the surgeon and his staff care about the after care service. On a personal note, thank you Marie, Ella and all staff for looking after me that day, you made me feel so relaxed. Thanks again.

Sam Shibil, Huddersfield

Very nice staff and professional.
Surgeon was very good. I’ve had a great result. So very happy. Thanks!!

Michael Ayre (Age 41), Gosforth, Newcastle, 3600 grafts

I have had a very good experience with the Hair Dr clinic. After years of research and several consultations with one of the surgeons, I decided to go ahead with the FUE hair transplant. I did not realise and was not completely informed about the discomfort I would feel during the local anaesthetic injections (it was far worse than any trip to the dentist!). However, the rest of the procedure was explained to me very well and in a lot of depth, indeed once the local anaesthetic kicked in I did not feel a thing. For most of the morning of the procedure I fell asleep on my front. By lunchtime the surgeon had extracted all the FUE grafts. I was given a break at lunch and the clinic staff provided me with food and went out of their way to look after me. After lunch I was sat up and was able to watch TV. The slits were made where my extracted hair would be newly positioned. This process took an hour or so and immediately after the grafts where implanted which took around 3 hours. It was a very a long day and at times during the procedure I felt ‘fed up’ however, the clinic staff kept me going and looked after my every need. I felt like a VIP. Once the procedure was completed I was given thorough instructions about the next steps. I had some swelling of my forehead for a couple of days after however this settled. A week later all the hassle of going through the procedure was forgotten. I went back to work after 1 week, most people could see I had some sort of work done but it was not very obvious and the back of head had pretty much healed. Now I have seen the new hair growing and I have very good coverage. I am very pleased with the result. I felt the surgeon was honest with me in terms of what he could do. I felt confident in his ability, knowledge and skills. During my first consultation, the surgeon mentioned to me that this procedure was not possible without a competent team and I experienced this first hand. I would recommend this clinic, especially given that they are one of the best quotes that I got. Very reasonably priced, yet exceptional service and results!

Jonathan Mills (Age 36), Sandal, Wakefield, 3200 grafts

I recently underwent FUE hair transplant at The Hair Dr and I must say everything went smoothly from start to finish. The clinic was very clean and all the nurses were extremely professional. I had 4200 grafts implanted and it took approx. 10 hours to complete my transplant. For the entire 10 hours, the nurses had the same positive energy throughout which really helped me through the procedure. I would highly recommend this clinic. Excellent!

Barry Sayers (Age 32), Gildersome, Leeds, 4200 Grafts

I have recently undergone a 5000 graft FUE hair transplant and have to say having had consultations with four other clinics I’m overjoyed I chose The Hair Dr. The initial consultation, procedure and aftercare is second to none and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having a hair transplant procedure to have it done there. The team cannot be praised enough for their professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail. Having a hair transplant is a major decision but believe me you will not need any convincing once you have visited this clinic. Amazing experience.

Guy Woodford (Age 40), Hale, Manchester, 5000 Grafts

Thanks to all the staff at The Hair Dr who have made my experience with your clinic so worthwhile. The courtesy that has been given from my first visit right through to my surgery and afterwards has been second to none. The procedure was everything I expected and your promise to resolve my previous hair transplant from a different clinic have exceeded my expectations. The surgeon’s skill has given me back my hair for the first time in over 20 years, it’s amazing.

Chris Lang (Age 56), Beeston, Nottingham, 2500 Grafts

I just wanted to say once again a ‘huge thank you’ for all the support received so far. Those of you who are contemplating going to The Hair Dr it will absolutely be worth it. The service is professional, clear and delivered with sensitivity. I am now 5 weeks’ post-surgery and very happy with the results so far. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life, worth every penny.

Matt Longham (Age 29), Fullwood, Sheffield, 3000 Grafts

The Hair Dr transplanted my hair and I am still very happy with the result. My hair started to grow soon after the surgery and I wear it a little longer nowadays, which gives a stylish and fresh look. Various hairdressers have told me that they have rarely seen such a good hair transplant result.

Harry Upton (Age 36) Central Leeds, 1800 Grafts

I have the confidence now, it’s mine, it’s not going to fall out – it’s my hair, it’s incredible and I really wish I’d had it done ten years ago to save me those agonising years. It’s truly incredible.

Lucy Turman (Age 38), Bawtry, Doncaster, 1600 Grafts

A good hair transplant requires careful planning. As well as consultation and discussion regarding goals and expectations. The Hair Dr offers a free, no obligation personal or online consultation service. This will guide you through the procedure. The Hair Dr surgeon uses artistic and surgical skills to create natural results. As seen in the Hair Dr video gallery. Making the best from the natural hair characteristics. Resulting in natural hairlines, coverage and hair density to mimic nature. Read a selection of Hair Dr patient testimonials. They can help you understand the hair restoration process. As well the importance of research and how to deal with post-op healing and care. For example, how fast you can get back to work and hair fast the hair grows. Hair Dr patient testimonials is a good way to connect with other hair loss sufferers.

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