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Take advantage of our easy to use graft calculator application. Receive an idea of how many grafts and hairs it takes to cover an area of hair loss. From a pre hair loss stage to fuller advanced male and female pattern hair loss. You can rebuild areas one by one to assess the changes in graft and hair numbers. For ease we have calculated a flat rate of two hairs per follicular unit or graft for scalp and slightly less for eyebrow. Hairs grow in natural groupings called follicular units (FU). Ranging from one to four hairs per follicular unit. The required number of grafts will vary dependent on the quality of the natural hair characteristics. Aspects such as hair colour to skin complexion, whether the hair is coarse or fine, or curly or straight.

The hair graft calculator allows you to isolate specific areas of hair loss. For example, you may have suffered hairline and crown thinning only, and maintained healthy hair in all other areas. Alternatively, only crown or vertex hair loss. With your hair dipping down the back and or sides of your head. The hair graft calculator is a useful tool in helping you understand the basic grafts numbers. A hair transplant cannot replace every hair lost. As a result the art and skill of a hair transplant comes with surgical and artistic skills to recreate the look of a good head of hair again. If you would also like to take the next step and have a personal hair consultation assessment with the Hair Dr Clinic complete our contact form and we will get back to you.

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Hair Loss Stages

Hair loss is measured on two simple scales for men and women. The Norwood scale and Ludwig scale respectively. Simple diagrams that depict the various stages of hair loss that commonly occur. With the focus on genetic, androgenic alopecia, more commonly known as male and female pattern baldness. Each scale start with minor to no hair loss and progress to advanced hair loss stage. These scales are a useful guide not only when discussing your hair loss stage with a Clinic but also a potential future guide. Being able to measure other family members hair loss stages against your age and current state.

Norwood Scale - Hair Dr UK
Ludwig Scale - Female Hair Loss - Hair Dr Clinic

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