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Platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) therapy is a successful and recognised non-surgical treatment for hair loss.

Our blood is made up of red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Plasma is the fluid part of our blood which transports our blood cells and nutrients around the body. Platelets are small cells in the blood which rush to the site of injury, when bleeding occurs, to help mend the injury. Platelets are also known to be a foundation of growth factors that encourage tissue recovery by increasing blood flow.

We restore your smile as well as your hair

How does PRP work?

PRP works by separating the plasma in blood, which contains the platelets and injecting this high concentration of platelets into areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning. The first step is to take blood from the patient’s arm into a tube which contains a gel that is used to help separate the blood. The tube with the blood and gel in is placed into a centrifuge machine which will detach the blood cells from the plasma and platelets. The platelets are concentrated to 3 times the levels of normal blood within the PRP. This will then be injected into the scalp where areas of the hair are thinning.

There is no recovery period needed after a PRP procedure and patients can continue their normal routines after undergoing treatment. You may experience some soreness and tenderness, and pinpoint bleeding where the injections were delivered. There may also be a feeling of tightness on your scalp for a day after the procedure.

Our specialists at the Hair Dr will examine your hair and scalp and recommend a PRP treatment programme that is tailored to you. PRP hair therapy is normally carried out over 3 sessions at monthly intervals. An ongoing schedule of PRP treatment is recommended every three to four months as regular treatments continue to stimulate hair growth depending on the initial results.

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We restore your smile as well as your hair

The FUE Procedure

All of the hair is shortened to 2-4 mm

A local anaesthetic is administered in the area of extraction

Manual extraction of individual hair roots

Examination of the grafts and storage are in Petri dishes with a nutrient solution, so that the grafts do not die

The hair roots are implanted surgically

Follow-up examination will be booked post treatment


Avoids a long lineal scar, so after the hair transplant
you can still have a short hairstyle

Minimal post-operative wound pain.

Transplant offers significantly more grafts per session, up to 4000 grafts.

Due to the clear view, 60-70 grafts per centimetre squared are achieved


PRP has minimal side effects

There is a shorter recovery time than with surgery

PRP is a minimally invasive procedure

Treatment times are short

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As the Hair Dr is dedicated to providing the best quality hair treatments, each client is given an individual care plan which is tailored to their needs and requirements. As all cases are treated individually, we can only offer a general pricing overview on our website. 

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PRP has minimal side effects

There is a shorter recovery time than with surgery

PRP is a minimally invasive procedure

Treatment times are short

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Measurable results can be seen within a 90 day period, and hair growth continues to improve over a 6 month period. However, results will vary depending on certain factors such as the general health of the patient.

The decision to use PRP is a personal choice. Here at the Hair Dr, we will be able to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision that is right for you.

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Who should go for PRP treatment?

People with poor hair growth and weak hair are ideal candidates for PRP treatment for hair loss. PRP can also be beneficial for those suffering from alopecia areata. Please speak to a specialist at the Hair DR to discuss this treatment option.

When can you expect the results from PRP treatment?

It generally takes 6–9 months to see visible results after a PRP hair loss treatment.

How many treatments are required?

Treatments will vary based on your need. Initially your specialist at the Hair Dr may recommend 3 treatments 1 month apart. After you initial course of treatments your specialist may require you to have a further top up treatment each year.

What is the recovery time?

There is no downtime as such. You can resume your daily routine right after the treatment. After a couple of hours, patients can even style their hair the way they want, take a shower, and even shampoo their hair.

There are some inflammation and redness in the affected area for some time after the treatment but it is common. You should not worry about this. However, make sure you don’t use harsh chemical colouring and perming treatment for at least 72 hours. Laser treatment can be resumed next day.

Does the procedure hurt?

There may be some sensitivity and Minor discomfort is reported when the injections are made, but these are done with a very fine needle to minimize any pain. At the Hair Dr we utilise effective anesthetic solutions to minimise discomfort.

How long does PRP treatment take?

The treatment can take as little as 20 minutes including the preparation time. the actual PRP treatment itself takes 3-5 minutes.
It’s done during a simple office visit; about 30-45 minutes.

Will it work on a balding area?

It works best where there is existing thinning hair.

What are the contraindications for PRP?

PRP treatment is contraindicated in blood and platelet disorders, chronic liver disease, the presence of an active severe infection, cardiovascular or hemodynamic instability and/or the presence of anticoagulation therapy (e.g. warfarin).


We restore your smile as well as your hair